The Golden Hind Press

The Golden Hind Press, named after Sir Francis Drake's ship, was founded by Ellen Black, Clifford Martin, and Robert Schmidt in 1985 to publish translations of relatively unfamiliar works in the history of mathematics, science, and logic. Since the advent of Project Hindsight in 1993, it has been publishing translations of classical astrological texts.

Mathematical Publications

Algebra Geometrica – Paolo Bonasoni  (1985)  ISBN 0-931267-01-3
        Translated by Robert Schmidt
The Early Theory of Equations –Treatises by Viete, Gitard, & De Beaune  (1986)  ISBN 0-931267-02-1
        Translated by Robert Schmidt
On Cutting Off A Ratio – Appollonius of Perga   (1987)  ISBN 0-931267-00-5
On Cutting Off A Ratio (Second Printing, Revised)   (1987)   ISBN 0-931267-08-0
        Translated by E.M. Macierowski      Edited by Robert Schmidt

The following articles by Robert Schmidt were published in the journal Hindsight as editorials accompaning the publication of the above books:

On the Signification of Mathematical Symbols
Spanning Two Theories of Equations: A Spectrum of Possibilities
The Analysis of the Ancients and the Algebra of the Moderns

Astrological Publications

A Complete listing of the Project Hindsight publications can be found in the Archives pages of the Project Hindsight website