Project Hindsight

Project Hindsight was begun in 1993 to translate and interpret the surviving texts of the Western astrological tradition. As such, it is the continuation of the work of The Golden Hind Press, a publishing company founded by Ellen Black, Clifford Martin, and Robert Schmidt in 1985. The Golden Hind Press was originally devoted to the translation of relatively unfamiliar works in the history of mathematics, science, and logic. The name Project Hindsight is an adaptation of the name of the mathematical journal, Hindsight, an earlier publication of The Golden Hind Press.

The geometrical diagram at the upper right of our logo as seen on the Project Hindsight home page is a legacy from the mathematical era of The Golden Hind Press. It is actually a diagram from an ancient Greek geometrical treatise. Over the years, its meaning was the subject of considerable speculation on the part of our readers. To some it looked like an iceberg; to others, a prism or a crystal; still others thought it resembled a star, or a star pouring itself out. Little did we know at the time how prophetic that last view would turn out to be.

The translations of Project Hindsight™ and other educational aids are published by The Golden Hind Press. Ongoing research and analysis of the foundations of astrology based on these translations continues to be conducted under the auspices of The Phaser Foundation, Inc.