THIS SITE IS CURRENTLY UNDER CONSTRUCTION. In the meantime, you can peek behind the fence to get an idea of some of the things we are working on.

The PHASER Foundation was created for the dual purpose of research and education. It may be described as an independent "think tank" having no allegiances or affiliations either academic or professional. Its mission is to address deep and difficult problems that have been ignored, rejected, forgotten, abandoned, or have simply gone unrecognized by academia and other research institutions. Such problems are often interdisciplinary or metadisciplinary in nature, and usually require a fresh confrontation with first principles, not only for their solution, but even for their precise formulation. PHASER is an acronym for Philosophy, History, Astrology, Science, Epistemology/Esotericism, and Research. That astology occupies the central place in the PHASE acronym is quite appropriate, as the role astrology has played in the history of thought is surprisingly pervasive. An investigation into The Problem of Astrology has been the main focus of our research for the last several years.

Other areas of investigation include The Science of Evidence, problems in the history of mathematics such as Intensive Magnitude, Euclid's Porisms, Viète's Species, and the fundamental act of Counting and Recounting; Plato's Indeterminate Dyad, the nature of Coincidence, Omens and Oracles, and the study of Consciousness.

Since its inception in 1998, the research of Project Hindsight has been conducted under the auspices of The PHASER Foundation. The name "Hindsight" was adopted from an earlier translation project of The Golden Hind Press, devoted to publishing English language translations of important classical matehmatical treatises. Several papers on mathematical subjects can be found here.

The PHASER Foundation, a non-profit organization incorporated in the State of Maryland, is tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code as an organization of the type described in section 509(a)(2). Although grants have been an important source of support for our research, the primary support for our work comes from contributions from individuals such as yourself. All donations to PHASER are fully tax deductible. For information about our programs and activities, or to find out how you can help support our on-going research, contact us at or write to us at The PHASER Foundation, 532 Washington Street, Cumberland MD 21502

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